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4/20 Pre-order Pickup
4/20 Pre-order Pickup
4/20 Pre-order Pickup

4/20 Pre-order Pickup

Celebrate April 20th mochi donuts and treats! 

We will be offering both a delta-8 infused variety pack as well as a non-infused mochi donut variety pack.  



The delta-8 variety pack (21+) includes 4 infused treats: 

(25mg) Lemon Haze mochi donut (infused buttercream)
(25mg) Double Space Chocolate mochi donut (infused buttercream)
(50mg) Rollin Cinnabuzz cinnamon roll
(50mg) Space Brownie

All delta-8 infused items, cinnamon roll, brownie, & buttercream, provided by Hazeables.

Must be 21+ to pre-order and enjoy the delta-8 items.


A 3-pack of non-infused mochi donuts (all ages) includes: Samoa, Funky Monkey, Strawberry Lemonade

You can also snag one of our delicious Hawaiian Snack Mixes. Because who doesn't love some munchie food?

Hawaiian Snack Mix and 3-pack of mochi donuts does NOT contain delta-8 and can be consumed by all ages. 


PRE-ORDER ENDS Thursday, April 18th at 5pm or until sold out. There will be a limited number of boxes available for purchase per location. 

 PICK UP BEGINS Saturday, April 20th, 2024. 

Must have photo ID to pick-up delta-8 products.

To Order:

Select your pick up location and add the number of tickets you'd like to your cart. 

One ticket = One box or one snack mix

Each location has a start time based on our drop-off time and you can pick up any time before they close (see time listed on the ticket option or check their website).  

On April 20th, show your email confirmation & ID to the team members at your selected location and they will hand you your box(es).

Locations & Pick-Up Times include:

Hazeables (9a - 7p): 5545 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46219

Rooftop Fruit (11a - 6p): 1058 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203 

Please contact Mochi Joy Donuts for any questions regarding ordering.

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